Residence on the Rocks is a luxury four bedroom villa on the main island in the Seychelles, Mahe. The villa was designed in Creole style and is located on the premises of the Banyan Tree Resort with easy access to the stunning Intendance beach.

The villa is one of the most exclusive and private accommodations products on the island of Mahe. The large verandahs incorporated into the setting are ideally suited to the location and the climate of the Seychelles. While the Residence enjoys some of the Banyan Tree Resort Services there is also a full time caretaker living on the premises.

Residence on the Rocks offers a hideaway setting for parties looking for absolute privacy which is enhanced by a wide range of associated facilities and the unique décor, making for a breathtaking experience which goes beyond average five star accommodation.

The luxury residence is located on a hillside engulfed by jungle, whilst completely private it overlooks Anse Intendance Beach and Takamaka Bay. Intendance beach is just a few minutes walk down from the residence.

The colonial/creole style reflects the splendor of a bygone era with the furnishings and décor consisting mostly of antique collectors’ items.

Renewed appreciation for family and friends is today an important incentive for upscale consumers to take to the air and travel to unique island settings such as the Seychelles. The layout of the Residence enhances family life and interaction and makes it a perfect retreat for multi-generational groups or a once in a life time celebratory event.

Excursions to and stays on outer islands can be easily booked. Renting a car is recommended and can be arranged. It provides the necessary freedom as far as exploring the wide range of beaches along the main coastal roads of Mahe or to do some shopping and bring back some favourite foods for the caretakers to cook with.

There are a range of restaurants within easy driving distance of the Residence which makes it possible to sample the local cuisine for casual luncheons or dinners (breakfast is included at the main resort restaurant or on a room service basis).

We look forward to seeing you here!

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